Five Questions From Peaches and Pearls

Reggie's 5 Questions:

It is an overcast day that is a little on the cool side and a cold wind is blowing. You have time for one activity. Do you golf or blog?

Definitely golf, and golfing lasts longer. You can have the golf course to yourself whenever the weather is borderline bad as you described. I love to play golf by myself or with friends. The golf game I was playing would then become a future blog entry.

What would be your idea of the perfect meal?

Oh, I love summer meals. Fried chicken with wild rice, homemade biscuits with molasses, sliced cantaloupe, slice tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh white corn on the cob with blackberry cobbler for dessert.

A close follow up would be any seafood or a lazy brunch in the Caribbean. I usually have a seafood omelet for Sunday brunch in St Croix. I get to kill two pleasures with one stone.

If you had to be allergic to something, would you prefer it to be wine, peanuts or shellfish?

I struggled with this question. Wine is my passion, so it stays. I eat peanuts by the bushel and love them so. Shellfish are the jewels of the sea.

It would be peanuts. I am actually allergic to raw peanuts now so I flirt with death even now.

Your house is on fire, you've gotten your wife and animals out safely and have time to make one more trip in to get one item. What would it be?

If it was the middle of the night I would grab some pants. Any other time it would be my computer.

5. If you had to leave the US (don't forget that St. Croix is a US territory) and move to another country, where would it be and why?

Okay….I’m going to cheat, Christiansted harbor offshore of St Croix. I would live in a sailboat.

Otherwise, the place would need to be warm, not hot year round. It would need to have a stable government and the residents would need to speak English.

I can’t choose Hawaii, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands. I’m not sure about parts of the north shore of Australia. Is it warm there year round?

I would therefore lean towards what I know and that would be the Caribbean. Even though I haven’t been there, I would say the British Virgin Islands. St. Kitts is where Margaret is from and that is good enough for me.
St Kitts


Peach Pod said...

I knew it would be fun to read your answers!