Spring Cleaning

Here’s a cute little shot of Cedie naked in the bath tub getting herself a good scrubbing. Cedie is our Blue Merle, ½ Border Collie, ½ Australian Shepherd, and she is missing the right rear leg.

That missing leg is in Tennessee somewhere…where ever they put such things.

Cedie’s job most days is to lie in the shrubbery and fake like she is herding if someone drives up. Otherwise she is catching a few z’s.

Cedie loves to ride in cars. She goes out with Gigi shopping on Thursday and sometimes she goes to the office with me on Friday.


Terri said...

Does Cedie know you're posting pornographic pictures of her on the web?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No...she would be mortified.

mr zig said...

I wish I could get diesel to stand still in the tub when its washing time... He's very afraid of water and I literally have to wrestle with him to keep him there. It is very sad and heartbreaking... but he does need to be washed sometimes -