I Made It

At the airport I got searched, prodded, and x-rayed and made through security only to kill a few minutes. Why not grab a sandwich? It was 11:30 so what the heck?

I go to the airport bar and it is filled with people drinking! Okay, I know people drink at a bar, heck I do, but 11:30 AM?

I woofed up a bread sandwich that had some wet stuff that smelled like tuna. I hope it was tuna. That’s what I ordered anyway.

I started heading down the concourse toward my gate and encountered the most difficult time getting through the crowd. People, when one establishes a trajectory, please respect the path chosen. Several times I was clearly headed down a straight line that I intended to follow indefinitely, only to have someone wonder aimlessly into my path. I would have to redirect my path and I find this annoying! Please respect my trajectory!

Eventually we board and I find my seat. A 21 year old woman walks up (I’ll disclose how I knew her age later) and she pulls up her shirt to reveal her snow white belly. Her belly was a white at a fish’s belly. It was so white that I could see her circulatory system. Literally I could see the veins on her stomach.

Then she said, “Oh, I meant to wear a different belly button ring”.


Then we take off and someone nearby has BO and is bleeding off pooty smells to boot. Oh my.

I made it to LA and called Gigi. It’s 5:50 PM here and she has already fallen asleep watching American Idol back home. It is 8:50 PM back home.

Oh to be home.


Ali said...

Um...this 21 year old woman just walks up to you and yanks up her shirt? Really?
That is bizarre and now you must share the whole story.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Not just in front of me but everyone near by in the plane. She looked like she just remembered that she didn't change her belly button ring and checked it in front of everyone. Then she sat down in front of me and went to sleep. I did notice she had tie tacks and nail things in her ears.

I am more discrete about checking the fly on my pants.

We didn't see any boobies or nothing...just this white stomach with a metal thing in in.

I thought it was blog worthy.

Terri said...

"someone nearby has BO and is bleeding off pooty smells to boot" just made me cough up my brown sugar frosted mini-wheats!!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ali, I was hoping you would ask how I knew she was 21.

Ali said...

LOL - well I figured you would tell me silly!
So tell, tell - how did you know the clear woman was only 21?