Econ 101

Last Tuesday was the day of reckoning here in the United States. It was tax day, the day we reconcile our books and settle up with Uncle Sam.

I don’t mind though. A good 30% of the money I send in will go to pay for folks to sit around and not work. My mother and oldest sister do this. Another 20% of my money goes to keep those same people alive longer so they can continue to sit around and use my money through Medicare. I get to jump on that gravy train myself in 15 years. It sounds like a heck of a deal to me.

Another +- 30% of my money goes to kill people that don’t do as we say. This makes the United States look bad to the rest of the world. I am sorry world. If I don’t pay this they will lock me up in prison in Atlanta. It is either my life taken away or your life taken away. The government has put me in a difficult position.

The rest of the budget they use to hire people to harass you at the airport, build roads, declare color codes on the terror threat, send people to sit in earth orbit, etc.

Oh, and there is the interest we pay. We borrow extra money from the Chinese to pay for blowing up other people. You see, we buy so much stuff from the Chinese that they have nothing to do but buy our treasury bills. We pay that interest to whomever owns the treasuries, and that happens to be the Chinese. The Chinese are a communist totalitarian nation which is an arch enemy to our brand of government. But we need someone to buy our treasuries badly so we overlook this issue. Plus, we need cheap stuff to put in our Wal-Mart stores.

Oh, but that’s not all. Just when I flew up to the nest to drop off my check, another little bird was there with its mouth wide open. The State of North Carolina wanted its money.

So last week I reconciled and sent in my money. I had underpaid my estimated taxes and earned more than I expected. The tax bill was terrible.

Now every morning I login to my bank account to see if my money is still my money. I know any day now the money will become the government money by threat of prison.

This morning the money was still my money.