I have a germ bone to pick. I have noticed at those fast food restaurants that more and more of them require you to self serve some of your meal preparation?

It all started innocently a few years ago when you were require to get your own salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard and napkins all of which were sealed in little packets.

Later more complicated tasks were introduced like filling your drink and picking up utensils.

Now it has evolved in some fast food restaurants where they serve you a base food component, and you are required to finish off the product in a common, unsupervised makeshift kitchen. Here you are reaching around other people for your drink, salsa, ketchup, utensils, cup lid, etc.

Oh that cup lid didn’t fit? Just toss it back in the pile for the next guy. Opps! I grabbed two plastic forks. I wasn’t thinking. Just toss it back for the next guy. No sneeze guard? Of course not; we are all sanitary and none of my hair ever falls out. Thank goodness they only let adults mingle in this kitchen. Surely they wouldn’t let little kids pick their fork and their nose all in one visit.

If you look in the bathroom, only employees are required to wash their hands. What about all the other idiots that are working in my kitchen out front with me?

This all gives me a creepy feeling like the thought of full diapers sitting in my grocery buggy just a few minutes ago. Or the feeling you get when you pick up a greasy salt shaker. Yuck.


Logzie said...

Oh yah! I have thought about that 'lid thing' MANY times and I make sure I pick one from the middle of the stack and not the top. Not that it solves the whole problem but atleast I feela little better. I am with you on your whole post...especially the sneeze guard thing!

And oh shopping carts...YUCK! I never want my kids to sit in the basket part of them just thinking about things like how when you put meat in there and some of the blood leaks out of the package...DISGUSTING! Personally, I feel they should have a mini car wash type thing they all go thru when they are brought back in the store. My gosh people...we are putting our FOOD in those!

Peach Pod said...

It's OK Howard Hughes, you'll be fine.

P.S. Where are photos of the new trailer?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I must say...I am dealing with real germs and not perceived germs. I am behind on my blogging sunjects. I have one more in the pipeline, plus Zig tagged me and them I'll post some pics. The RV is incredible.

Chris said...

I would have died...One thing I notice is the cleanliness of a restaurant, or the lack of people washing their hands after using the bathroom.

Trish the Dish said...

Since you said I was qualified to blog you! Here is a little poem I just wrote after reading your post about germs. lol

Thanks a lot Reggie, I will never eat again.
Well maybe just an egg, if it's straight from the hen.

A germaphobe I was, and now it's times 10
McDonalds OR Wendy’s, I may never eat again

Now that was a lie, I must fully admit
Who could give up, all that greasy shit

Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow
But soon I’ll run out, of all my willpower

I’ll still use the drive through, I think the best bet
Less chance of getting germs, and the floors are still wet

I think I failed to mention, I’m afraid of water too
That’s why you’ll see me walkin round, in 5 inch platform shoes

A day in my life, might quit possibly be
The most ridiculous thing, you will ever see

Don’t step on a crack, or go under a ladder
And don’t forget the soap, after emptying your bladder

Wash your hands three times, and then wipe them down
Don’t touch the door handle, without your sleeve down

You people laugh now, but if only you could see
The microscopic germs, that keep attacking me

I swear they are there, I’m not completely crazy
But then again those shots, are making things a bit hazy

I better get home, it looks like it might rain
I can’t let that acid, eat away at my brain

Good thing I brought my helmet, I knew it would come in handy
If I could only remember the words, to Yankee Doodle Dandy

Skip home I will, skip home I must
It’s Friday again, and I must go dust.