It Took 45 Years to Live a Dream

Oh I am a happy fellow.

Pecans are a big deal here in the South. We get gallons of free pecans every fall from folks that have pecan trees.

Just a note, a true, born in North Carolina Southerner instinctively calls them “pee-cans”.

Pecans can sit around for months and years in the shell and they still taste good. I know…I’ve eaten two year old pecans.

The problem is most of the time the pecans go unshelled because they are such a pain in the ass to shell. Pecans tend to just crumble in your hand while you attempt to shell them.

You must be very careful not to eat any of the stuff around the pecan meat itself. (I never did like a pecan referred to as meat. It sounds nasty.) If you accidentally eat this forbidden stuff around the nut, it will cause you to do a double back flip, make an awful face of disgust, and call for your Mama. It just tastes terrible, awful bad, and nasty.

When I was a little boy back in Durham, NC (pronounced Derm), my neighbor had something called an inertia nut cracker. It looked homemade, but it worked marvelously. You would get a perfectly shelled pecan every time in seconds.

So ever since, when I stare at a pile of pecans, I dream back to my childhood and long for an inertia nut cracker.

Fast forward 45 years and 3 months…….I Google the inertia nut cracker. Whooohooooo…there it is in all it’s glory! And the darn thing is hand made in North Carolina out of oak and a rubber band as I remembered.

I took my trembling fingers and clicked my mouse onto the PayPal button. Soon, and very soon, I will have the nutcracker I have lusted for two score and five years.

Oh thank goodness, I am too old to do back flips anymore.


bilprice said...

Thanks Reggie!

I am Bill, The Nutcracker Guy and I appreciate your order. But one correction it is not oak and a rubber band . It is Southern Yellow Pine soaked in lemon oil and lots of extra rubber bands.

I'll ship it tomorrow as soon as I build it.

I'm at or

Found your blog interesting...


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I stand corrected Bill.

Would you mind signing my nutcracker? It will become a family heirloom, honest.