The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste, but I Manage

This is a strange entry even by my standards. I don’t make this stuff up, I just write it down.

My sister-in-law is in town this week for a visit. She got into town late yeaterday afternoon.

We had a beer or two then Gigi, Sharon and I headed off to diner to Outback Steak House. We took The Beast which Sharon found interesting. She agreed with Gigi that it would not be a good idea to remove the doors. I think it will be cool to take both doors off and I will this summer.

We had a nice leisurely supper and stopped by Sams on the way home. Gigi drove just to be safe since I had a few more beers with supper. Gigi said she wanted to buy an Easter cake that they make every year but ended up walking out with two cooked chickens and two new belts for me.

My nose was prepared for the smell of cake and I quickly adjusted to the smell of chicken in the Jeep.

The stop by Sams was unexpected for me and I needed to visit the men’s room. I hung on to the “oh shit” straps in the back seat while we all rode home.

Gigi is funny driving the Beast. She can just barely reach the pedals and usually shifts to the wrong gear all the while talking about whatever.

I needed to pee, bad.

We got home and I went dashing in the woods to relieve myself. No way could I make it to the door, fight with excited dogs, and then make my way to the bathroom. There wasn’t enough time and I could sense that things were at a critical stage.

Now that I was all refreshed and relaxed I headed inside to watch some mindless TV with Gigi and Sharon. Fortunately “Dancing with the Stars” was on and that is about as mindless as it gets.

I should have watched something more stimulating because my mind started a playful game on its own.

I was sitting there, breathing through my mouth, thinking about how my brain was making me breathe, it was regulating my heart; it was digesting my supper and so on. I was thinking how marvelous my brain is and how I can take thoughts and encrypt them into characters where other people can get a glimpse into my conscience mind.

Then, in a Forrest Gump voice in my mind I said, “I wonder if Ali has posted her blog?”

Yes she had, and I marveled that she too had learned the same language as me and she too could encrypt that language where I might get a glimpse into her conscience mind.

Then I start thinking about how accurate her mind encrypted her thoughts and how accurate my mind was interpenetrating her ideas.

Then my brain said, “Reggie, go to bed”, and I obeyed.


Now I need to go back and read what Ali blogged about. I was too caught up in my own head.


Anonymous said...

How many beers did you have??

Ali said...

Oh man - you make me laugh so much! Even without the beer, my mind works in exactly the same way...pondering over how and why things work...while simultaneously doing 5 other things.
We are one and the same Reggie - I love how our minds work!