Mid-Week Preview

I went to the doctor a while back when I was so sick with the flu. I promised him the moon, if he could make me feel better. It turns out; it was my moon that he wanted.

This Thursday I will have a colonoscopy to see if anything bad is going on up there.

I can’t imagine anyone choosing this as a career. Every day you go scoping up old butts?

This week I block out two whole days for my ass. Starting on Wednesday, with the “intestinal flu in a can”, as my brother in law calls it, and on into Thursday midday when I have the exam. Then Gigi has to drive me home afterwards.

So, I’ve got all that to look forward to.


Gigi said...

Oh Reg,don't be so frikin' melodramatic!!It's a Colonoscopy & I've had 2 already(because of family history;thanks Grandpa) & U made jokes especially when I had to have an Endoscope too.U all can just imagine what he said!!Payback's Hell....hahhaha(evil laugh)

Logzie said...

Ou...ouch! Looks like you won't be getting any sympathy from your wife! :0)

You made me crack up when you said that it was your moon that he wanted!!! HA!!!!!

Good luck to you my friend...I always try and concentrate on the next day and how wonderful it will feel to have it behind (oops, there's that word again!) you. Treat yourself to something special this weekend.

Anonymous said...

It is definetly a pain in the A__ to go through but a very important proceedure.

Chris said...

Don't worry Reggie. You'll be so drugged up, you won't know which way is up. Your bum.
Just relax. Know that the Doctor is snickering the whole time.

Seroiusly though, good luck. I'm sure everything will be fine.