Super Bowl 2008

We booked our flight yesterday for our annual winter St Croix trip. Super Bowl 2008, here we come. Judy and I have already been bantering about the trip and its 9 months away.

I jumped so early this time because unlike most years, we found favorable schedules and I used air miles. So how does nonstop from Charlotte and free tickets sound?

The annual debate about whether to rent a Jeep or real car has begun. There is nothing good that can be said of a Jeep as far as ride, comfort, quietness, room, storage, etc. They are so darn impracticable, yet so fun.

I always rent a Jeep from the same people. Centerline Car rentals knows me after 9 trips to the island. They think my last name is the craziest name they have heard.

So now I will start snooping for a place to stay. The Villas last year were very nice. I really like the South Shore and heck I like the North Shore.

Maybe Terry and Michael can make some suggestions. You know, Terry and Michael of Ambrosia Body Care; the best massage in paradise? (Did you get that Google?)

Oh well, more on that later. Today will be a big bullion day for me what with the test and all tomorrow. I need to study tonight so I pass tomorrow. No I think I pass today for the test tomorrow. I’m confused.


Gigi said...

Poor baby!Enjoy the can of Chicken Broth I packed you for lunch...MmmMmm good!Pineapple Jello & White Grape juice for Supper, I know you can't wait!
You'll be wishing you could have it tommorow morning before your test,though.Sorry,Buddy.

MessyJessy said...

Hmmm...St John is still one of my favorites, but I'm always willing to find a new gem in the Caribbean. Do you rent a villa? Stay at a resort?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Jessie...We rent a villa. Usually on the east end north shore looking at Buck Island. The south shore is nice too. St Croix is a combination of St Thomas and St John. Good nature stuff and snorkeling of St John, less commercial stuff than St Thomas. Plus there is a desert on one end and a rain forest on the other end. Plus nice locals. You and your hubby should join us some time. We have very good friends there that show us a good local time.