The New RV

I have what looks like a DC-10 passenger jet parked in my driveway. Yes friends, we picked up our new 5th wheel RV on Thursday and traded in our dear old friend Squeedy.

It all started at 4:45 AM Thursday morning. Gigi and I have been known to procrastinate. We waited until the day of the trade-in to clean out the old RV. 2 ½ friggin hours later the RV was empty. I never knew we carried around so much junk. Pots, dishes, dog toys, sheets, towels, 12,682 paper cups, TVs all had to come out.

Then we headed up to Lake Norman for the walk through and pick-up.

This new trailer is immense. It is 34 feet long, 13 feet high, and expands to 14 wide when the slide rooms are fully deployed. It has a living room that is wider than mine in my real house. The kitchen is a very functional galley. The bathroom is 3 times larger than the old one with a 12 gallon hot water tank instead of the old 6 gallon tank.

The unit is fully insulated so we can do some cold weather camping. No more frozen holding tanks.

The trailer pulls like a dream compared to my old trailer. It is very stable on the road.

The next few days Gigi and I will unload into this behemoth and get ready for our first camping trip.


mr zig said...

a long time ago I commented on RVing and how thats cool, but not real camping... guess what? After seeing your new RV pics I'm ready to make the leap! Screw Tents! I want an RV!

Ali said...

Holy s#it! That camper is nicer than where I live!
Um, next time you guys want company, I know this girl in Canada that would love to be picked up in a 34 foot mansion on wheels - LOL!

Unknown said...

Happy Camping, My friend!

Logzie said...

N-I-C-E Camper Reggie!


Anonymous said...

Reggie, that is awesome!!!!