A Good Day

This will be a snooze blog entry for those of you who are not players of golf.

I shot my best score ever yesterday. This was one week after I shot one of my worst scores.

The day was incredibly beautiful. It was partly cloudy, about 80 degrees and the air had a nice sustained breeze to it.

I started off terrible on the first two holes, and then I managed a few bogies and pars to finish the front 9.

On the back 9, I continued to play well for the next few holes. Then about 13, 14, and 15, ugly golf reappeared. I got my composure back at 16. I birdied 17 and boogied 18.

I added the card and I shot a 92. This is incredible for me.

I shot 2 scores of 94 last summer. Typically I shoot 100 to 105.

Some celebratory beers were in order. I even bought a new golf bag. (That sounds girly)


Amos said...

That is awesome Reggie. I love golf. I have never really played much, but I love to watch it. Especially on Sunday afternoons. 92 is great. Now I want to go play a round to see how "high" my score would really be. Well well over 100 I'm sure.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Amos, Watch the PGA next Sunday. Its from Charlotte, NC.

mr zig said...

Ah golf... I pulled my clubs out of the shed today... gave them a quick cleaning and scared my dog with some wicked slices (don't worry - I was using those foamy practice balls that only go about 5 feet) - can't wait to play - but I am guessing I won't get anywhere near 100 this summer - oh well - at least I'll have fun.