I just woke up from a night’s sleep that I would swear was one of the true pleasures of my life. I slept deeply, restfully and I am refreshed. It was one of my top 10 sleeps of all time.

Aren’t we fortunate that we get a shot at sleep at least once a day? You can set aside 8 hours just to sleep and no one will accuse you of being lazy.

I love to eat and get a shot at it three times a day. Three times! I can stop what I’m doing three times a day to eat and no one will accuse me of being a glutton.

So I get to eat three times, and sleep 8 hours every single day. Sign me up for life…I think it’s a deal.

I can’t eat and sleep too much or I will become fat and lazy.

The Beast has turned to gentleman farmer. Yesterday I needed hay for the nags so I tossed a few bales on top. I was cool Reg with hay and The Beast riding through the country.