Oh Glory! Jalapeño! I Travel to LA!

I must travel this week to Los Angeles. This will not be a fun trip either.

First, I despise Los Angeles. I find the city crowded and ugly. There is nothing endearing about Los Angeles. Plus it screws up my clock waking up at 3 AM waiting for coffee, or worse yet, making that nasty hotel room coffee.

You ask people why they live there and they always come back about great the weather is. It’s always chilly to me and the air has no moisture. Southerners need some moisture.

Plus in LA you have nice riots, earthquakes, fires of biblical proportions, a “river” that is a concrete drainage ditch, oil wells and many buildings and people seeking to occupy the same space.

Most business trips have some built in monkey business involved. Usually the nightly “networking” meeting includes fancy dinner in a fantastic restaurant. Or maybe you can squeeze in a round of golf at some exclusive club. Not this time.

This meeting is mandatory and bare bones. I fly from Charlotte to Chicago, Chicago to Los Angeles. I arrive late and shuttle to some cheap suite hotel. It is the type of hotel where you get a free banana or dried bagel for breakfast.

Then there are meetings all day in the same room with the same people. There will be a cheesy networking dinner at a marginal restaurant. (I’m becoming a snob about restaurants aren’t I?)

The meeting adjourns the next day at noon, and I get back home back in Charlotte at 10:30 pm, after foraging for food in Chicago’s airport.

Oh I dread it.

Osmosis amebas.


Ali said...

Okay, I read this post earlier and snickered a little to myself.
Then I went for lunch, and came back with a nice, fresh coffee - which I'm sipping at the moment.
I decided to check your blog again - first because sometimes you post twice in one day, second because I love to waste time.
I read the post again and as soon as I read "Osmosis Amebas" I started to laugh and snorted coffee out through my nose. (I must have missed it the first time.)
LOL - how's that for sexy?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good. I had pictured coffee blasting from your nose when I wrote it.

I thought it was funny.

Liv said...

Mmm...hotel coffee. I keep making the hop from peach pod...never a disappointment. I just have to ask if you run fast. I have a theory that anyone named Reggie runs fast. So far, it's holding true.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

This Reggie doesn't run fast. No sir. I don't like to run period. I was built for comfort and not speed. Running makes all my organs shake.

Peach Pod said...

In all the years I've known you I don't think I've ever seen you run. I've seen you ride a bike, drive numerous vehicles, walk quite a bit, but never run. You even play a sport that doesn't require running: golf. Interesting.

I like the part where you said you were built for comfort. Do you think Ali will snort coffee out of her nose again?

Chris said...

Ali and I had the best Chicken panini sandwiches at O'Hare Airport.
Mmmmmm. I want to go to Chicago now...

Chris said...

Ali and I had the best Chicken panini sandwiches at O'Hare Airport.
Mmmmmm. I want to go to Chicago now...