Plastic Coffee Cans

When it comes to coffee Gigi and I like plain old missionary style coffee. Nothing fancy for us.

In fact, we both agree that Starbucks tastes like coffee with a cigar butt floating in it somewhere. The closest we can get to real coffee at a fancy coffee shop is the breakfast blend.

Following that logic, we normally buy Folgers Classic coffee in the plastic can. What drives us crazy is those plastic containers that are left over. They are so nice that we hate to throw them away.

The plastic containers are perfect for measuring out horse grain. We put water in the cans for the dogs both inside and out. In fact it is the only container Duke will drink out of. I store practice golf balls in several containers, and we have filled 3 or 4 containers with change in them.

The problem now is we have reached the saturation point with red containers. Just this morning a newly washed container was sitting on the kitchen counter and I was about to throw it away when I thought about Duke and the new RV. So, off to the RV with a red can for Duke.

I know at some point we will have to discard the cherished vessels.


Logzie said...

I know exactly what you mean! We buy the same coffee in the same red can and I just can't throw them out either! I usually wash it out and have the kids put their little toys in them. But you just gave me tons more ideas!