Enough Already!

Oh great! It is spring time and in the spring we can get some very muscular thunderstorms. It has been that way here since the dawn of time…nothing new.

Today was declared an Evelyn Wilson day, so basically I’m sitting around with a computer in my face, watching TV, and drifting between naps. I am soon to have a glass of wine or two and plan to watch PGA golf.

I doubt however, that I can watch TV because all the local stations are making me watch their radar and warning me that a funnel cloud was spotted about 120 miles away. The cloud is not moving toward Charlotte, in fact it is heading dead center to another TV market in the upstate area.

We once had a tornado pass overhead in the middle of hurricane Hugo. I will never forget that night. Hurricanes don’t hit Charlotte but one did that day. Then the unmistakable sound of a freight train on top of 80 mph winds. It was a tragic one two punch like someone who has terminal cancel, then suddenly dies of a heart attack. Our home was spared but the devastation was everywhere.

I remember looking outside and seeing Lady grazing in the middle of the hurricane with her legs spread wide apart bracing against the wind.

Anyway…I promise to seek shelter channel 3, 9, 18, and 36. Now show me my golf!