Cooking Up A Dream

Oh what a difference a day makes! Oh sweet Moses…I am drinking a cup of coffee; real coffee from the mountains of Central America that was forbidden the last two days. And I feel good again.

By the time I had my colonoscopy yesterday, I had fasted for 40 hours, not had a thing to drink in 15 hours, and my system had been cleansed of electrolytes. I was weak and had a headache.

The nurse kept asking me questions about my health history and I felt like some confused old man with a gaulded butt. I couldn’t get a sharp command of my mind.

One question she kept harping on was did I ever smoke. Yes, but I quit 16 years ago. She apparently didn’t see the footnote about quitting so long ago. She though I was a wheezy old confused man with a gaulded ass.

Finally, the moment of truth, when they administer the drugs to “make you comfortable”. I was out like a light. They could have paraded me around in the back of my pickup naked and I wouldn’t have known it. I woke up with a half drank can of diet coke in my hands and no recollection of anything.

Gigi and I ate lunch and I rested and read blogs. I read Ali Kat’s blog about her 32 hour trip to North Carolina last summer. And then I read Dramatic Intensity’s blog about her meeting The Princess Diaries at the mall.

I drift off to sleep last night and dreamed that Zig and Alyssa show up at my house. Alyssa isn’t talking much, she chain smokes and constantly plays an autoharp. Zig is what I expected but he is smoking too.

Isn’t it strange what your mind does with the events you have experienced during the day? It’s like your brain has all of these leftovers and it’s going to cook up a dream with whatever thought are left in the pantry. Smoking, traveling from Manitoba to NC, meeting blog people, etc.

Oh my this coffee is good.


Ali said...

I'm glad your butt is okay, and that the drugs did what they were supposed to.
You crossed my mind several times yesterday (in a very clean, "non-butt" thinking sort of way - just an "I hope he's all right and that Gigi will give him a tiny bit of pity" way) so I'm glad that it wasn't a terrible experience for you.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thanks. Everything was good with my "Chitlins". Frankly, I don't even remember much about eating lunch.

Terri said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall of your brain, just for ONE day!

I'm glad everything came out ok!

Logzie said...

I am glad that it's all over for you. I hate 'dreading' things. :0)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you Terri. I find myself very interesting and entertaining but love the encouragement of others.

Thanks for Trish, She is a jewel.

mr zig said...

I'm glad to hear I was what you expected in your dream - :) Sorry I was smoking though... but if my wife was chain smoking in your dream I'm sure I picked up the habit from her. So I blame her for that part. And she was playing an Autoharp? weird... hehehe