You are Dead to Me US Airways Mastercard

This is an email I sent this morning on discovery that my credit line was cut 80% for no cause:

Thanks for giving me zero warning about you adjusting my credit limit down by 80%. Aren't you supposed to give me notice? You didn't give me any notice.

Don't worry I'll double check with the state attorney general just to be sure. It's my policy when I feel I have been done wrong for no reason.

Going from $25,000 to $5,000 was a shocker when I got notice via email this morning. I average around $3,000 a month charges which I pay off monthly so $5,000 will not be sufficient going forward. This limit along with my charging history will put my percentage beyond 30% of total with negative consequences to my credit score.

Since this new balance will not be sufficient for my normal business operations the card will reside in the back of my wallet now as a backup.

At least I am giving you the courtesy of notice.

One more thing, by lowering my credit limit you intentionally and knowingly caused me harm by making my account balance due in excess of 30%.

I will watch my credit score over the next days and weeks to see the damage you gave knowingly inflicted.

Shame on you US Airways Mastercard.


You’re going down US Airways MasterCard. I shall invoke the family curse on you US Airways MasterCard! (Curtains flying and strong breezes blow papers as dark clouds appear, dust and general curse looking shit blowing around with some effective thunder sounds and a slobering two headed dog thrown in for additional effect.)

Don’t remember the family curse on Wachovia? See what happened?

I contacted the NC Attorney General this morning. Roy Cooper is coming to visit and he’s pissed off.

And the there was the great Enterprise Car Rental debacle of 2007. I won that too.

The sons of bitches at Direct TV are not going to get away with the $240 that they knowing stole from me.  They have already given me back $120 as a good gesture but I want them to get right with God and give me back the other $120.

Oh the day of reckoning is coming. 


Ken said...

That sucks....we've been watching out for that to happen to us too. Hasn't happened yet, but we feel they got us by the jingle bells and they will do it, when they feel like it!

terri said...

I've been hearing about this type of scam being pulled by creditors. All I can say is GET 'EM, WREG!

Michael said...

Oh No! Not the Hunnicutt family curse! What happens if it works too well, and US Airways MasterCard pulls US Airways down with it? You'll be stuck flying the UNfriendly Skies with American. No more direct flights to St. Croix from Charlotte.

I sympathize with your situation, but aren't you also going to lose out on those bonus miles if you don't use your US Airways MC to purchase your US Airways flights?

Papi aka Peter said...

Me nafi know about the credit card people dem me son they vexed me as well the mudder skunts.dey not ganna reach me soul though you know happy christmas tird day mon

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael, I thought this through before casting the dreaded curse. I can still charge up to $1500 per month and not ding my credit status. That will harvest 18000 miles per year toward the winter trip. I have a balance in there of 42,000 when is enough to ignore the curse another season and hope they will come to their senses. This will get me down again next year and hopefully I can withdraw the curse by then after much suffering on their part.

It takes 50 years or so to bring them down. Heck the US is still waiting for the Cuban curse to take effect.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Papi....I am honored you stopped by you old mudder skunt.

Your web site looks wonderful and I can't wait to stop by.

Anonymous said...

Wreg: I love your consumer rants.
We all have to speak up speak out and get mad as hell and not take it anymore.
It also means we have to pay attention to every detail of every letter and every bill.

St. Croix is waiting to soothe your jangled nerves. Unless you have to fly here on American.
Let us know when you arrive.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Bonnie...fight 1415 on US Airways nonstop from my hometown of Charlotte.