Body Image

I have been having this body image problem lately. Soon I will be in the sunny Caribbean exposing skin to the world. While I know I’m not 25 anymore I’d like to sure up what little I have left as far as body image.

So my chest hair has started looking like Aristotle Onassis. For those too young to remember, he was a very rich Greek shipping tycoon that married Jacquelyn Kennedy. You would always see them on his yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. He would be bare chested and long strands of white chest hair would be blowing in the wind. That grossed me out so much as a child that I have been on alert ever since.

So the other day I took out the clippers and got far too carried away trimming. My chest looked like a shaved dogs butt in the summer. It was itchy and rashy from trimming too close. So much for the Aristotle look.

Gigi scolded and reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry got carried away shaving his chest.

So I have learned a lesson.


Logzie said... you have to post a picture!!


Ali Kat said...

I agree with Logzi... picture, picture...we want a picture!!! :p