Let The Dry Days Begin

Gigi and I are spend much more time now moisturizing. It happens in the winter and it happens with age. This morning she was rubbing on Chap Stick all the while fantasizing about soaking in mineral oil. My legs are so dry that they look powdery.

I’m convinced that dry legs lead to hairless legs and that is not what a guy wants, at least this guy. But I guess this too is part of the great hair migration that a man goes through with ageing. Hair disappears from traditional places like the head and legs only to move to the back and ears. The cruelty of it all is I can’t get to my back and I can’t really see my ears head on. So I’m at the mercy of someone else to assist me in personal grooming to avoid the caveman look.

Gosh this paints an ugly picture, powdery slick legs with a dry hairy back. I’m sorry I brought this up. At least I don’t have any problems with insects crawling into my ears.


Anonymous said...

There is a Rx you can get from a dermatologist that will make you not have dry skin. It is amazing stuff. Pricey though. It cost me $45.00 with my insurance co pay! It is worth it though. I can't think of the name of it but will check on it when I go home. You must have some!