Supper vs Dinner

The visits with the relatives continue and we are having fun. It seems though that there is a great deal of posture and puffery going on this year. I have witnessed more posturing and puffery than the average stock broker conventions that I have attended in the past.

We visited Gigi’s cousin’s new home last night and had supper. It home was huge and beautiful. The house is about what you’d expect a very successful attorney would own. It was well decorated and filled with new furniture. I have worked in many restaurants in my youth and I’d estimated you could serve 250 people per hour out of her kitchen. The main rooms were lofty and cavernous.

By the way, notice I said supper and not dinner. In the old south dinner is lunch and they pronounce it “deener”. They mean lunch. The evening meal is never referred to as dinner, it is supper. They’ll quickly quote that Jesus was at the Last Supper and not the Last Dinner.


Anonymous said...

Well, honey, where I grew up, somewhere in (Damn) Yankee territory, we never had "dinner", ever, at all. "Dinnah" was fer rich folks. We had breakfast and "suppah" and that was that.