Going Home

Today we will attempt to get back safely home. Gigi is still quite sick. I figure around 10 AM or so she’ll get the energy to crawl back in the truck.

I must say I very much miss my Internet connection very much. I do not find any comfort being separated from the knowledge and news of the world.

I had a dial up connection that failed to login. I made one broad band connection at Gigi’s cousin’s home. It was wonderful.

Without the Internet I can’t do banking, look at my business, keep up with current events and analysis, can’t keep up with sports scores, can’t read my favorite blogs, can’t live in Second Life, can’t send and receive email, can’t shop, can’t have instant reference, can’t check the weather, can’t check the TV schedule, can’t IM, can’t check my favorite webcams, and generally my creative juices are shut down because I can’t post my blog.

One thing I have noticed this week is that my right index finger no longer hurts. For months my right index finger has hurt from where my index finger connects to my hand all the way up the back of my hand to my wrist. The pain was at the point that I was going to schedule a visit to the hand doctor. Now I know the problem…I have mouse finger or something.