My Peanuts (Not Oranges)

Oh I love peanuts, but not just any peanuts. They have to be Hampton Roasted Virginia peanuts salted and in the shell from North Carolina.

I have no idea how they salt these peanuts in the shell. Gigi loves them, my dogs love them and I adore them. I buy a bag whenever I travel so I will have them no matter what.

I just ate five big old delicious peanuts for breakfast and I am satisfied.

I keep my peanuts by my chair in a Folgers plastic coffee can and have a wicker basket for the shells. After a day or so my area is covered in crumbs and peanut skins. Then I vacuum the area and start over.

I just ate another and that is enough for now. I need another bag too.


Alyssa said...

I also love peanuts. I like them pre-shelled though because I am lazy. I'm also never sure whether you're supposed to eat that "skin" on them under the shell.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The skin is fine but it gets stuck in your teeth. Shelling helps you to burn calories so you can eat more peanuts. These Hamptons are very easy to shell, they just split apart and that is part of the fun for me.