Second Life Update

I thought I would update you on my encounters in Second Life. I am a tanned Caucasian fellow in my late 20’s wearing a gray pinned stripe suit and a tie. Believe it or not this appearance commands respect much more than my previous tie dye shirt with jeans.

I plan to age myself to a more realistic age as soon as I can figure out how to do that.

I have met two interesting fellows recently. One person was Morris Vig, who is a paunchy balding middle aged white man that spends his time tweaking his home on a beautiful beach. What kills me is Morris can look like anything he wants but chooses the body of an old university professor.

Morris is more than willing to share his creations and beautiful views that he has from his home. Morris took me down to an underwater observatory he built. It is fascinating to see all the fish that live there. He said the fish we there when he arrived. Wow what attention to detail this place has.

Morris asked that I not smoke my cigar in his house which I kindly obliged. I don’t smoke in real life but I choose to smoke a fine cigar in second life.

Another fellow I met was a distinguished black gentleman who was in the process of building a nice home himself. He was standing in a vacant lot looking surprised to find that his neighbor’s house was completely gone and only dirt was left. It was concluded that he must have not paid his real-estate taxes owed and therefore he was evicted.

He is planning an open house party when his home is completed.

Like real life, second life has it nice people and its seedy people. I am fascinated by the beautiful views, the ability to fly and teleport, and the efforts put in to the homes and stores.

In real life Gigi thinks I am crazy to go to second life. I have pointed out to her that several people have become millionaires in second life….yes real money buying and selling real estate in a fake world.

I plan to take a few classes in second life to learn some of the tricks and scripting required to build a nice place there. Party to follow!


Logzie said...

VERY interesting! If I only had the time, I would probably get into that. Keep us posted.