More Monday

I am at home this morning and I am not sick and I am not dodging work. I have to wait for a FedEx package and Gigi is at her doctor. So my calls are being forwarded to me and I hope the dogs don't bark when I answer.

Having a PC, TV news channel, fax and phone allows me to work about anywhere. With the webcam I can be seen and look back all while looking out my front widow of my house over the curious ears of my senior border collie Peaches. She is the boss around here. Man I have to get these leaves up out of my yard soon.

My PC troubles continue. I brought my MIL's PC back to clean all the spyware and viruses off and the hard drive crashed just when I finished. I'm not going to tell her and just put in a new drive and operating system. She'll never know the difference, she is very PC illiterate.

I have a small server at work that has been acting up for a good while. It's actually a stand alone slave drive that has two internal drives that mirror each other. We'll I just discovered that the backup drive has failed. Oh joy.

I went to McDonalds again for lunch the other day and attempted to order the All American Meal. They had no idea what I was talking about. An All Canadian meal didn't work either. I ended up with another happy meal and toy with a small drink upgrade. The toy was a rat with a gold tooth and gold chain around his neck. It was cool.


Logzie said...

You got a RAT in your food??


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes....I guess I did. Gross.

Ali said...

The rat is from the Flushed Away movie too. He is one of the gangster thugs, he's tough but very dumb.

Amos said...

Well, luckily for us we got our leaves picked up just two days before the blasted snow storm of the century in Oklahoma. It would be weeks before we would get them picked up otherwise, but they are gone in the trash far away. Instead I am trading it from my ice chopping shovel so I can walk like a normal person in maybe a week or so when it drys out. Snow here is annoying because nobody can seems to drive in it, plow it, or realize that the dumb stuff stays when the temp goes below freezing. Ok, you can tell my annoyance, hope your leaves find a new home soon, hey, maybe in the neighbor's yard?

Ali Kat said...

It snowed way too much before I could finish our yard work. Spring should be fun (said with sarcastic tones)! I'm so not looking forward to the clean up when the snow melts :(