Crime in Charlotte, NC

I am still mad about my car break-in three weeks ago. Everywhere I park now I cover and hide anything of value. I am so paranoid now that I feel like some old helpless elderly lady.

People here are sick of the crime. It rivals a third world country or any Caribbean island. The murder rate here is set to break another yearly record. Charlotte, NC was recently listed as a top 10 city for violent crime. Only Detroit and a few other bigger cities beat our statistics.

It turns out that the person who broke into my car used force to my drivers side lock to gain entry. All told with the repairs and replacements I should get a check for $3250 in a few days. I would rather have my stuff.

This is the fifth time I have I been a crime victim since living in Charlotte, NC. For me that is about one crime every 5 ½ years. And people wonder why I carry a concealed weapon.

In the 80’s I was shoved and accosted by an aggressive street person demanding money from me as I waited for a bus. I ended up having to thrash him with my umbrella.

I have had two break-ins at my business and two break-ins on my vehicle.

I’ll certainly get over this most recent theft but I always remain prepared and ready with a plan of action for any violent crime.


Logzie said...

Wow! I did not realize Charlotte was in the top 10 violent cities!!

The time that I was stolen from ... I felt violated for a long time and I know the feeling you described. I hated it too!