Life is full of strange turns of events isn’t it?

A fellow named Victor is at my home now working on stuff I should do and used to do but I always hated to do. Now I can hire someone to hang lights and stuff and get full credit from the spouse. I am not sure how a woman’s brain works but I like this.

Victor is from Honduras. For most of his life he worked on a banana plantation. Then one night a hurricane destroyed the entire plantation and the company decided not to rebuild and replant.

So what does a fellow do to provide for his family? He came to the US and became a carpenter. His family is back home and he sends money to them that he earns here.

Last year his modest car full of tools was stolen. So Victor had no way to get to work and no tools to work with.

Now he does odd jobs and is at the mercy of public transportation and anyone that will give him a ride.

So Victor asked to work Monday and I said okay. He will join us for Christmas dinner.

I may be able to get him an old family car for free and that would get him back on his feet.

It was nice to meet Victor today.


Logzie said...

That is great Reggie!

Peach Pod said...

Are you taking gifts (I don't want to use the word donations because he may not like to feel like a charity case. And he's not, he's a hard working soul) for Victor? Would cash or tools be better?

Amos said...

What a blessing you will be to him. You are definitely doing for him what the Christmas season is all about.

Merry Christmas to you and Gigi.
Well, and the dogs too, can't leave them out.