Ah Monday. We have the office Christmas dinner tonight at McIntosh's Steak and Seafood. It is a top shelf place and it's always a treat. Like last year I found someone else willing to pay for the event so I can relax too.

My real estate broker emailed me last night and told me the balance is due on the St Croix vacation condo. Time is nearing and I am ready. Ready for everything but the return trip home. I have the flight booked going down on air miles. The return flight was so bad (18 hours) that I have been waiting to see if anything opens up that is better. Otherwise I'll just buy the ticket home directly from St Croix to Charlotte and be home in 4 hours back to cold and drizzly weather.

I started blogging last year in February when I went to St Croix as a way to share my Winter vacation with friends back home. I became addicted to the daily journal and have continued the trend steadily since the spring. I loved flashing back pictures and video of summertime in the winter. You can see the old blog beginnings here. I switched to blogger for ease of formatting.

My college team won in playoffs Saturday. That was exciting. They won it all last year in NCAA Division I football. I hope they can do it again.


Ali Kat said...

Those pics from the resort were awesome. It's nice to see when there's snow on the ground here. Oh, now I long for beach and suntanning. What are you trying to do to me. I've always wanted to go horseback riding on the beach!