Traveling Sick

Gigi has been fighting a cold or something for the past week. It started with a sore throat, then a head cold, now she has flu symptoms with fever and nausea. All this 9 hours from the comfort of home in the bedroom of a travel trailer.

So it is traveling day and dressed in her pajamas Gigi managed to get in the back seat of the truck with a box of tissue, a can of Canada Dry ginger ale. We drove to the halfway point and she crawled back in bed.

Cedie our 3 legged wonder dog does not tolerate anyone coughing. Gigi has been coughing a lot and Cedie is disgusted with her.


Anonymous said...

Tell Gigi we hope shw is feeling much better, but we can understand Cedie's gets old after a while.;)!
Love you guys!!