Time Person of the Year

I knew I would make the cover of Time one day. It’s me alright, and all of you bloggers out there. Congratulations on making the cover with me.

Meanwhile back in real life….. Gigi and I are getting sure enough elderly. Gigi made a pie Friday night to take to my sister’s house on Saturday. We both fell asleep. I awoke to hear the timer going off and fortunately the pie didn’t burn.

Then we got home last night from Durham and let all the dogs out to do their business. I didn’t do a proper head count and left Duke out all night in the cold. He looked hurt this morning; fortunately it wasn’t very cold last night.

In Second Life I have found the only golf and country club. It is a nice course and great club. Now I have to figure out how to play in Second Life.

In real life our pipes at the barn have busted from the cold. My FIL must have neglected to drain the pipes one night, so I have my morning cut out for me replacing plumbing.