A Delima

I despise throwing away money. I waste enough money anyway without squandering more money away with bad decisions.

Here’s the story, I booked a round trip to New York back in the summer for both of us. The tickets were $500ish for both of us. I had to cancel the trip because Gigi had a suspicious result from a breast exam that needed a retest. So we canceled the trip and got a $200 voucher for both tickets. The net loss was $300.

I booked a trip down for both of us to St Croix using air miles on another airline using 60,000 mile for a one way trip down.

Gigi didn’t like the return so we booked a round trip on US Airways from Charlotte for both of us for $1000 less $200 from the New York voucher.

I still have the 2 one way tickets to St Croix and American Airlines wants $200 to return the 60,000 air miles back to my account.

So do I pay the $200 to return my 60,000 miles to my account that cost me $60,000 in credit card charges? Or do I just relax and let the seats go unfilled and then let some stranger relax and sprawl out in my seats?


Peach Pod said...

Pay the $200 and then use the miles to go to Scotland this summer, like you've been wanting to.