I was at Subway today having lunch and saw a guy with his sunglasses hung around his neck is a way that looked cool to me. I have never been able to do cool things with my sunglass and I wish I could.

People stick sunglasses on their head, hat, and even on their necks and it looks cool. I’ve tried this too and I feel like an idiot and usually the sunglasses just fall off.

The sunglasses I like to wear are the old aviator Ray Bans and they aren’t conducive to sticking them on body parts. I have found you need light springy sunglasses for the head or hat thing to work.

Ty calls my aviator sunglasses my birth control sunglasses. I guess he means they are ugly and outdated so I definitely would not be a chick magnet with them on. Good for me since I am married and Gigi would poke my eyes out and I would not need sunglasses if they were a chick magnet.

Still I wish I could coolly wear sunglasses on my head.

Gigi gave me a pair of sunglasses recently to try and wear on something besides my eyes. They were the amber colored glasses and they gave me an instant headache if I actually used them as sunglasses. They just hang on my visor in my truck now.

I guess I’ll just stick to my old gold ray bans and accept that I can’t adorn my body with sunglasses like other folks.