I guess it’s now safe to come out and blog. Christmas was great as usual.

The day after (oh by the way happy Boxing Day to all my Canadian and European buddies) Gigi and I and the four dogs headed to Alabama in the RV to visit relatives. We decided to break the drive in two days and stopped the first night at Lake Hartwell State Park at the border of South Carolina and Georgia. We arrived safely after a 4 ½ hour drive

Everything was going just fine and then crisis struck. I couldn’t get a satellite signal no matter how hard I tried. Then we come to find out Gigi’s Tivo remote was left behind in a bag that contained not only the remote, but her makeup, two pairs of boots, her unmentionables (underwear) and her back up jewelry.

Like the true campers were, we discovered that the connection to the living room TV was bad, and eventually I could hone in a strong signal from 25,000 miles in space after I reconnected the cable. Likewise Gigi roughed it but discovered that the TIVO can actually operate manually in the bedroom if you lean forward and push some buttons on the front of the box. How novel!

So we headed down the road following day and pulled in safely at Gigi’s Aunt and Uncles home.

I have to tell you that driving through Atlanta at 65 MPH in 8 crowded lanes towing a 32 foot travel trailer with four curious dogs that block your mirrors can be quite nerve racking. Atlanta traffic starts about 50 north of the city and eventually clears about 40 miles south of the city.

Uncle Wendell has made RV visiting very nice at his home. He provides water, power and sewer hookups right beside his home. That way everyone has their privacy while visiting. Plus we take the dirty sheets back with us when we leave.

So we have spent the past few days, eating and talking, and eating and shopping, and eating and napping.

I have been without the Internet altogether. It seems Microsoft kindly gave me a security upgrade KR911280 that disabled my ability to us a dialup connection. I called tech support back home to my broad band provider and they informed me of this problem. I thought I was using the wrong password. Now I don’t know what the true password is so I am going to have to find a free Wi-Fi connection somewhere to post a blog, bank, check email and basically live a small bit of time in my virtual life.

The weather here has been so warm here that the flowers are blooming. I plan to play golf tomorrow with temperatures near 70.

So I’ll try and post later when I can. I hope you all are well.


Anonymous said...

Hey kids! Glad you had an interesting trip! Seems you did an awful lot of eating, but ...have you seen the Robin Williams movie called "RV"?
Thanks for not sharing the rest of the processes involved after excessive food consumption. Hope it was "all good"!!!
We love you!