Normal Life Please

Finally….I have my computer rebuilt and my life may be returning back to normal. Well, not really. Yesterday I locked myself out of my truck. So I crawled under the truck to look for the hidden key. Boy did I do a good job hiding it; it took forever to find that nasty, greasy box that contained the key. While under the truck I noticed some diesel fuel leaking.

So I went to unlock the truck with the key and I was unable to insert the key. The idiot that broke into my truck last week completely destroyed the key lock when he or she broke in. I hadn’t noticed because I use the electronic button to lock and unlock. Plus it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home so I never noticed the lock was damaged.

I drove the truck to the lube mechanic and he thought he fixed the problem. Today I called a wrecker to tow it to the mechanic.

Gigi spent all of last week not sleeping and I got used to getting up at least to look to see what she was doing. Now she is sleeping great and I am still waking up hourly. This morning I woke up to her hand groping my face to see if I was there. I was having the freaky dream and I thought a squirrel had jumped on my face so I bolted up when she started groping.

Gigi is on a big salt kick now so she asked for some Doritos with her morning coffee.

Then Duke the newest Border Collie started yodeling from the other room when he heard I was awake. That is his signal that he needs to go out and do business. This dog does not bark, just yodels.

Hopefully I’ll get my truck back soon and life will return to normal.


Amos said...

Ok, if it were me, all this would really not be funny. But you have to admit if you went back and read this again, you would be laughing like me. You are hilarious even when the chips may be down temporarily.

dGarry39 said...

Life on the road is what I consider normal as well. You get to do things for living and enjoying as well for wonderful destinations.