A Little Yard Work

I took advantage of the last scheduled warm day to………rake leaves. You thought I was going to say I played golf. No, I did something constructive and cleaned the roofs, gutters, flower beds and yard.

It is 73 degrees right now at 4 PM on December 19. The trees are naked as a picked chicken and it is unusually dry. It feels like a warm day in October.

So I rented this monster blower that you push around and blew two acres of leaves on the other 6 acres of forest and pasture. My “compound” including the house, guest house, and barn is about 2 acres I would guess. The pasture is about 2 ½ acres which I mow about 4 times a year. The rest is forested and natural.

I rediscovered that the front of my house is rotting on one portion. My house is 32 years old and is in bad need of renovation and updating. I say rediscovered because I knew it was a matter of time before it needed repair. It has a design flaw that allows rain water to run down the exterior wall. I repaired it 15 years ago and here we go again.

This time I need to fix the roof line and I know this will be expensive. Plus new windows, an exterior wall, etc.

I would move but I love our land so much. It is a lot of work to keep up but I just love the privacy and beauty of the setting. At least for now while I am able I plan to stay.

So back to work tomorrow and back to normal December temperatures.