Deep Question About Weather.......

We are now experiencing “cold Canadian air” as the weatherman calls it. We never get warm Canadian air, only cold Canadian air.

We don’t get any Mexican air of any kind. We do get tropical moisture and gulf moisture so I assume this is Cuban air or other nearby warm land mass.

And of course there is lake effect snow up north. I think you can blame this somewhat on the Canadians too. It’s their wind blowing over our jointly owned lakes that makes the bad weather.

Do Canadians get United States air? Are we blamed for any particular weather?


Logzie said...

Yah, what up with that??

mr. thiessen said...

What we get is the "Colorado Low" - which bring large amounts of warm air up here, causing our biggest snowfalls. The Colorado Lows have caused things like our "flood of the century" in 1997, and usually when we get our Colorado Lows, the roads are closed and we are stuck inside for days and then stuck on our driveways shoveling for hours for the next few days. So sure, we send you cold air now and then, but you do get us back by trying to bury as alive in the white stuff - (but personally I love the Colorado Lows... so much snow!) :)