I've Been Poisoned

I feel kind of poisoned this morning. I like beef but the big time prime beef you get at fine steak houses is about too rich for me. I was determined to get a steak last night at the office Christmas dinner instead of a lighter seafood fare. So I ordered a 13 ounce New York Strip and ate maybe 6 ounces. That along with these "to die for" mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, Cesar salad with fried oysters, a few glasses of wine, a piece of apple pie (eaten by three of us) that tasted like a cinnabon. Now I feel like a big over served blob.

Then I rushed home to watch the home team play on Monday Night football. I fell sound asleep by half time. Gigi said she went into the living room to check on me and I was propped up staring at the TV with no emotion. She thought, "whatever, he's having fun I suppose".

So I woke up about 12:30 and asked her who won. She didn't know and I was too lazy to go back in the living room to look up the score on the PC. So all night I thought about whether or not we won.

I got up, poisoned and all to look. We lost.

I need to hit the gym big time today.


Logzie said...

I LOVE Gigi's comment!

Ali Kat said...

My hubby always over stuffs himself. I always tell him that maybe it will help his stomach to grow and then he won't be so skinny (hee, hee)!!