Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Peaches

Check out this freaky weather we are having. 40% chance of golf today, increasing to 60% chance tomorrow and almost 100% chance of golf by Sunday.

I am not one who misses the cold just because it’s Christmas time. My ONLY concern is for the peaches. We grow fantastic peaches here in NC and especially in SC. Forget what you heard about Georgia peaches, South Carolina peaches are top shelf.

Well, peaches need a certain number of nights of freezing temperatures before they will set blooms in the spring and make baby peaches.

Peach trees must be very smart I guess and count the number of cold nights and produce fruit only if they have exceeded this number.

I like peaches and therefore will tolerate enough cold nights to set fruit, anything more is a waste of cold.
I love them so much that I have a dog named Peaches