What A Fantastic Day!

Boy do I have the important job today. I am sitting here at my desk, surfing the Internet and catching a very few phone calls that are coming in. The office is empty.

I took the occasion to defrost the freezer compartment and clean out the refrigerator. That is always a blast. Why did I buy a cheap office frig that get all the ice buildup?

Wow there is some old stuff in there. I can’t help but open old containers and sniff. I don’t have a clue about what some stuff is. There was a box of something embedded in the freezer ice.

I better unplug the Bunn coffee pot too.

See how board I am? But not to fear the captain must stay with the ship.

Oh I have something exciting. One of the dogs pooped in the living room last night. It was a neat tidy package so the cleanup was easy.

It was easy detective work even though Cedie and Duke both acted guilty. You see Duke is a shit walker and leaves a trail of poop so it was easy to pin the crime on old Duke. Why didn’t he wake me up?

Gigi is quite the dog poop forensic person. She came up with that term shit walker and it makes me laugh.


Ali said...

Shit walker - LOL, that made my day. Good one Gigi!

Logzie said...

That is TOO FUNNY!

Funny Story:
One day we were driving in the parking lot directly in front of a Petsmart store (you can bring your pets in the store with you) and this woman was walking out with her big dog in the pedestrian walkway and we yeilded to her and the pooch and wouldn't ya know it...that dog took a dump right there in the middle of the street while we waited for them to cross! That lady was mordified and we lauged so hard!!

I always HATE it when you have to bring a 'doggie clean up bag' with you on a walk...I hate picking 'it' up while it STILL WARM!

Anonymous said...

We love you fellow dog lovers, who still laugh at all the sh...wherever it lands!