Complex Man Day

I am on a rather complex man mission today, much like my brethren that took off in the space shuttle last night.

The Carolina Panthers Play the New York Giants here in Charlotte today. Normally I would collect all my tailgating stuff, cook some brats, meet my buddies and go to the game.

Today however our back up quarterback is starting in place of the regular guy and the weather here is marginal enough for a round of golf. So we plan to play golf and then watch the rest of the game on the big plasma TV at the club. But there are conditions to winter golf.

Right now as I type it is 23 degrees and the greens are frozen. You cannot play on frozen greens because it will seriously damage the grass. So you delay until it is warm enough to play. They estimate that the greens will be ready to play by 11:00 AM. That barely gives you enough daylight to play a leisurely round not to mention everyone else that wants to play besides me.

So at 11:00 AM they will load up as many holes as they can and everyone will start at the same time, just on different holes. This is called a shot gun start and it maximizes the number of players that can get on the course at once.

Shotgun starts slow play by maybe 15 minutes, plus we are playing cart path only. This means you can ride a cart but it must remain on the paved cart path and you have to walk across the fairway to hit the ball. Staying off the fairway helps the grass too but slows play time additionally to the shotgun start.

But to play in cold weather you need warm equipment and more clothing. All of my golf balls and clubs stayed here in the warm house last night instead of the cold garage.

I have my super duper expensive Under Amour man leotards long underwear and various layers of stuff I can peal off during the day.

Hopefully we can wrap up a round in time for seeing most of the second half of the game.

Yes this mission is complex, but forward planning and timing will be the key to our success. Now let me check on the current greens conditions.


Ali Kat said...

I can't believe you're such a hard core golfer. I'm impressed. I golfed for the first time this summer and didn't do too bad. I even had someone tell me that I'm a natural, and could do pretty well with a few lessons!