Adult Beverages

Beer is always better if you can’t find the brand locally.

I remember in the 1980’s that Coors was not nationally distributed and therefore the taste of it was legendary around here. We would get cases smuggled to us from cross country truckers. When Coors came to town on a regular basis, we all agreed that it was just beer.

The same holds true for Stroh’s beer in the 1970’s. We had to drive to Johnson City TN to get it when we were in college. When it hit the local market we all realized that it tasted like Schlitz.

Now my friends, the hype of Land Shark beer is drawing to an end. I went to the local grocery store today and there at the end of an isle was a giant display of Land Sharks at $6.99 a 6 pack. Damn.

That 12 pack I have in my frig that my nephew smuggled up just few weeks went down in value.

Do you remember that spiced rum I made last year? It’s still there and it is VERY good. I stopped at the grocery store not only to stare at Land Sharks but mainly to buy a quart of egg nog.

We mixed some of the home made Cruzan spiced rum with the egg nog and it was nirvana.


mr zig said...

I hear ya - When I was visiting South America a couple years ago I had a couple beers late one evening with some people with whome I could barely communicate, and we had Brahma beer - I wanted more soooo badly when I came back - but then - one day - it was avaialble everywhere, and marketed like they do up here in north america - and yeah, I like it - but it's just not the same....

Michael said...

You still have Cruzan spiced rum you made last year... you must be doing something wrong. I used to make it in the half gallon size, I'd make a couple of them, and they'd be about gone by Christmas. I've gotten lazy now. It's sorta like the beer thing. Cruzan rum is ubiquitous on St. Croix, so I just drink it, and don't bother with the spicing. Though I do like a good spiced rum with egg nog around the holidays.