Jeep Changes, Slowly But Surely

Before stainless tail light covers and new door stop.

After new stainless light covers and stainless door stop.

New oh shit strap on the driver and passenger side.

Before interior seats, floor spraying, center console, steering wheel, and radio.

After new seats, console, floor paint, steering wheel, radio.

Before new chrome bezels.

Ah, my Jeep has eyes now.

Before new sound bar and roll bar covers.

After new sound bar, roll bar cover and overhead oh shit straps.

Next I plan to lift the Jeep a few inches and add a stainless grill to the front. I'll need help on both of these projects from someone more mechanically inclined than me. Plus I need to figure out how to attach the nerf bars I bought on Craig's list a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

It's looking great! I have to admit though, I've never heard the term "oh shit straps." That cracked me up!

none said...

That looks really good.

I always heard em called oh shit bars.

mr zig said...

yer jeep is looking pretty good!!!! - up here we call those handles "Holy Sh*t Handles"

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful now!

Unknown said...

Looking GREAT! I love the sound bar.

Everything looks good but the spare tire cover :)

TerryC said...

At least your changes are visible.

Michael works for hours at a time on our Rovers and we can't see any difference on the outside. But do you hear HIM complaining? Nooo! Because you're not here. I get the honor fo listening to the myriad comments about the DPOs (damned previous owners) who did stuff simply to make it more difficult for him to work on. Just kidding, Michael's doing great!

Michael said...

I'm going to design my own sound bar for the rovers. Its going to have to include the actual stereo, because when it rains, the dash turns into a waterfall - the only place safe from water would be suspended somewhere behind our heads, as long as the roof directly above is weather-proof. And it'll need to be close to our heads, and have some big supplemental bass/subwoofers to overcome the engine and road noise. But I'm certain it can be done.

I might need to get new alternators to power it, ours output about 42 amps.

The "oh shit" handles are going to have to wait 'til after the seat-belt installation. First things first.