Start with Turkey and End with Chicken, KFC Style

This time of year people act very stupid about cooking a damn turkey. It couldn’t be simpler…just like cooking a giant chicken. Just look at the package and follow directions. It is even easier if you use one of those plastic browning bags.

You want simple stuffing? Try Stove Top. It takes a few minutes and no one will know any better. The same for gravy. Open a few jars and heat it up. You’ll be a hero and no one has to know.

We have enough browning bags to last for the next few years. Every year we buy a box and only use one.

I have recently met a person that doesn’t like cinnamon. She could be alone in the world. Everyone but this single person loves cinnamon. It like morphine of the taste buds.

I drove my Jeep to Durham yesterday to visit family and have an early Thanksgiving meal. You know you are traveling when you drive a Jeep Wrangler 3 hours each way. It’s loud, windy, cool and bumpy. I wore ears plugs most of the way. I guess this is the way our ancestors rode in their Model T’s. It was fun.

I had a good hearty laugh when I got home and read Michael’s response in my blog. He is too funny sometimes. I posted in Jive and he resounded in Jive.

I got a flu shot the other day. I get the flu about every three years and hope this will help. I was sick for two weeks last year. Plus they act like if you are a geezer over 50 then you’ll surely die from the flu. I’m 51. I once had a flu shot in the 1970’s and started having seizures. You can see why I have been hesitant since then.

I miss snorkeling very much. It is the perfect exercise and you never overheat. Plus the wildlife and formations you see are breathtaking. I made sure yesterday that my brother-in-law Tom had his snorkeling gear ready for St Croix. He forgot his goggles last year.

There was a real Col. Sanders and I saw him face to face once. I grew up in Durham, NC home to the famous “Rice Diet”. The Rice Diet would attract famous fatties of the day from all over. I was most impressed with the over indulged, chicken eating Col. Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s called KFC now to make it sound healthier.

One day at the shopping center, (we didn’t have malls in the 1960’s) I saw the Col. in his white suit, snow white hair and his hyper tensioned red face with black glasses. My mouth flew open like I had just seen a living cartoon character and he smiled at me as we passed.


Peach Pod said...

I met Col. Sanders once! It was 1968, I think, and I was 5 years old. He had flown into the tiny local airport in Dalton, GA to open a new KFC. My daddy had heard he was coming so he threw us kids into the car and drove us over there to see him. He gave us a balloon that was shaped kind of like him with his face painted on it. And yes, he had the white suit on!

Anonymous said...

I agree that turkeys are best cooked in those browning bags, but you can't substitute stove top for the real thing! I use my mom's recipe which contains pork sausage and I stuff it IN the turkey which is now against the rules too. But I do it anyway. None of us have died of salmonella poisoning yet. (P.S. You had a lot on your mind this morning!)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You are right Terri, home made is best by far but to most people it's not worth the effort. Kind of like box wine and a bottle of the good stuff. I can tell the difference and appreciate the good stuff. Most folks would freak if they had to do what you do as tradition.

Some folks put a spice in their dressing that tastes like Comet to me. Then I start thinking about scrubbing a toilet and about puke mid meal.

Yes the old brain is racing this morning.