Trees, Leaves, and Holidays Produce Gas

Thanksgiving by far is the coolest of holidays as far as timing goes. It always falls on a Thursday and I like that. A Thursday Holiday basically trashes a respectful work week.

They’ll be football on Thursday, just like yesterday.

I’ll knock off Tuesday and basically my week is done until the following Monday and it will be guiltless.

I did change one holiday tradition this year and blew leaves yesterday rather than the Friday after Thanks giving.

The conditions are optimal for blowing leaves. We haven’t had much rain since April so the little buggers are light and crispy.

I rent this gigantic side discharge blower that will handle mountains of leaves. I start at the top, roof and gutters and work my way out.

I’ll push around two acres of leaves on the other six acres and let them rot. Yes this causes global warming but there is no escaping it. We just didn’t know it until Al Gore told us.

It’s kind of weird that all those leaves produced all that oxygen and sucked up all the CO2. Now the rotting leaves will suck up all the oxygen to rot and produce CO2 back into the air. Next year they’ll do it all over again. Sounds like a cycle to me.

I just though of this…maybe the leaves are giving off greenhouse gasses to stay warm this winter and next spring they will suck up greenhouse gasses to stay cool. Wow trees are smart.


TerryC said...

I like your new pix! You and Jody, Gigi looking suspiciously confused, and the santa hat is the best!!!