A Water Break at Midnight

Its 12:30 AM. Gigi and I are sleeping deeply on the new memory foam mattress when the silence is broken by a long loud wookie groan.

I realize that Cedie is at the end of the bed and I hear Gigi pouring Cedie a cup of water. I’m thinking, “That sorry little shit” when suddenly I realize I am thirsty too. I grab a bottle of water from my night stand and take a big old gulp.

Then I hear Duke slopping up water like they are going to quit making it from a stainless bowl we have in the bedroom. Peaches follows with a big old lappy slurp.

Then I hear a stern voice from the corner, “Good night”, as Boscoe the parrot reminds us it is an ungodly hour.

We all drift back to a deep sleep all refreshed.


TerryC said...

Usually we fill all the water bowls in sight before going to bed, but sometimes we forget and have to get up when Yoda whines.

And sometimes Yoda whines to go outside, so one of us wakes up and gets up to let her out. I usually tell her to hurry up so I won't have to wake up and get up again in 30 minutes. Sometmes she just ends up spending the night on the porch. Well, she does have a comfy chair to curl up on out there...and only she and Ajax use it.

The others have beds scattered about to lie on.

Ali said...

LOL - oh man, I have to meet that bird - he sounds like a real card!

Anonymous said...

This sounds somewhat similar to the nights at our house. Since my mom's cat came to live her, we have the nightly cat fight in which my cat (Holly) finds my mom's cat (Tigger) venturing out of hiding. The chase ensues and Tigger never fails to scream. This always happens between 3 and 4 am. At this point, it's impossible to fall back asleep easily.

Stacy said...

My cat comes and gets on me and touches my face when the bowl is empty.

Now if I could just teach him to work the faucet.