Golf Friday

I played golf yesterday with a man that I swear looked like a Jack-o-Lantern.

This guy was nice as he could be and a good golfer but his skin was orange. He was missing every other tooth and his teeth were orange too.

He smoked 5 White Owl cigars and 4 cigarettes while we played 18 holes. He was no spring chicken either. I would guess he was in his late 70’s yet I never heard him cough.

He was a tough old buzzard and the tobacco is not going to get him young for sure.

Playing with a group of old farts reminds me why I continue to do cardio exercise. I was the youngster of the group physically even though one guy was younger than me in years. I noticed how they all were stiff and unsteady on their feet. I was the guy who would go down to the dry creek bed to recover a ball or do a quick dash in the woods to retrieve another.

That’s another thing. We were playing a best ball tournament. This means you take the best shot of all four players and hit again. Three shitty tee shots and one good one means one good tee shot for all because we all play from the best shot.

These guys would spend an exorbitant amount of time searching for lost balls. Balls are not the expensive part of the sport so I usually abandon my ball after a cursory look see. They acted like there were using hand made old feathery golf balls from the 1800’s when a ball might cost a days pay.

Anyway it was cold but a fun morning on the course.

Tuesday our club’s course reopens after being closed since July for re-grassing the greens. It is supposed to be 75 on Tuesday and I have a 12:30 tee time.


none said...

Orange from nicotine?

Some of these guys on the golf course wice my age can play 18 holes standing on their head.

When I try to do it it takes me days to recover.