Let the Good Times Roll

Gigi and I went to Southport, NC three times in the past year. We had forgotten how much we liked the little coastal community.

The only place around to accommodate our monster RV is an RV Park that essentially caters to full time RVers. Most of them do work at the nearby nuclear plant.

The couple that runs the place keeps a tight ship. The grounds are always well maintained and undesirables are not allowed.

On our last visit I asked her to place us on a waiting list so that we could park our unit down there and visit on the weekends. Today she called and said a slot will be open for us in April of 2008.

The monthly rate includes a concrete pad, power, water and sewer, a picnic table and grounds keeping. I’ll hook up the dish for TV and get a local broadband connection.

So, we’ll have a place at the beach until we decide otherwise.

We’ll just hook up the RV when we want to go to other places like Jekyll Island or the mountains.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Reggie that sounds great! You will love that. How long does it take you to get there??

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Just under 4 hours. I have done it in 3 1/2.

It will be so cool to have the Jeep there with the top off.

Southport is the reason I got another AC in the camper. It can get brutal during the day, but it stays windy along the coast. This place is about 2 miles inland.