The Greek

Yesterday I dropped Peter an email to see how The Greek is coming along.

For the rest of you, Peter is a friend I met through Michael and Terry last winter down in St Croix. Sometime in the spring, Peter decided to open his own restaurant and named it The Pickled Greek. It is now referred to as The Greek and it has yet to open.

Peter is a master bartender, bull shitter, and general fun guy to be around. I know his new place will be fun and successful once it is open.

When I was down on the island in September I visited The Greek on many occasions. Normally you would see Peter and or Vinnie working away on some project. On many evenings the work would stop and a spontaneous party would break out lasting into the night.

I remembered that Peter had booked a party in early November so I speculated that the place should be open by now.

Down on the island deadlines are not concept that the locals are familiar with. Oh, some of them used to have deadlines when they lived on the mainland but these silly customs are soon dropped when you move to the VI. It’s my understanding from talking with Peter and Terry that the local government prohibits deadlines. Any project you attempt down there will never meet any conventional deadline that the rest of us are accustomed to and the government will see to this.

Peter emailed me back that he had the party last Saturday and he had over 100 guests. However the restaurant is not officially open.

Then, last night I dreamed I was there at The Greek. The place was painted a dark brown and it was hideous. The menu was painted on a wooden board. On the menu the only items were stuffed peppers and rum and coke. You could get a side of potatoes I think because it had a picture of a potato on the menu.

I was glad that was only a dream.


Michael said...

I'm glad it was only a dream too. However, I think Peter should name a potato dish after you. Start scouring recipe books!

You could go with something greasy and artery clogging like potato skins with lots of cheese, sour cream and bacon bits (or Wilbur bits, as Terry would call em) and call it Captain Stubble Spuds.

Or try something a little more healthy, maybe pepper stuffed potatoes. There could be red, yellow and green peppers - Reggie's Reggae Taters!

Liv said...

"Peter is a master bartender, bull shitter, and general fun guy to be around."

Um, isn't he the guy who you said I remind you of?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes it is. I am not sure of your bartending abilities, but you do fit the other categories.