A Few Micro Posts

I miss my daily banter with my Cruzan friends Michael and Terry. They took the week off celebrating their anniversary and headed to a remote island further south. I can’t wait to hear about the adventure.

I feel like I have lost touch with the island that I love in their absence.

Plus I miss the occasional zinger that Terry will fling out and the quick wit of Michael.

I’ll try not to be all clingy when they get back in Internet range.


When you are in your 50’s you begin to think a bit differently and people treat you differently. Just the other day my dentist was looking all around in my mouth beyond my teeth.

“Doc, what the hell are you looking at?”

“Just looking for any signs of oral cancer, it tends to come on at your age.”


Tonight perhaps the greatest NFL game of the season will be played and I can’t wait. I am one of the fortunate few that have the NFL channel on Direct TV. I’m all a flutter.


Friday my Jeep will go under the wrench again for perhaps the most dramatic cosmetic mechanical surgeries yet.

I will drive to Durham and my brother in law and I will install a 2 inch lift kit to Da Beast.

This will allow me enough room to add 2 more inches in tires for a nice but not too redneck lift of 4 inches. The new tires will have to wait; those big old redneck mud tires are expensive just for a cosmetic effect.

While in Durham I will visit with my mother and sister. Gigi is going too.


Unknown said...

You know you lead the good life when you leave a place like St Croix just to go on vacation!! Ha!

Cannot wait to see the lifted Jeep! To bad you can't bring it to Jax next weekend.

mr zig said...

Reggie... you need to move to a place like Winnipeg! Then giant tires on your jeep will not only look cool, but also help you... (especially in February) :) hehe

TerryC said...

Het Reg, we're back! And what a great time! We're moving to St. Vincent!
Just kidding, but maybe we'll buy property there. It's so beautiful and totally unspoiled. Very third-world Caribbean, so lot's of not-so-good stuff, too,like homeless dogs everywhere...Wait 'til you see the pictures. We can't wait to see them, either.