The Title Should Say 9 Something

I do not like mahi mahi. I love fish but mahi is so tasteless that I don’t bother to eat it. I wouldn’t order a piece of beef that was that tasteless, so why do the same with fish. I’ll take salmon, tuna, grouper, trout, but you can keep the mahi.

Catfish tastes like pond silt to me, but at least it’s real. I don’t like the taste of pond silt but good for those who do like the taste of mud. Better than tasteless mahi.

The cartoonish real people on the Schwab TV commercials are creepy to me. Please either use cartoon people, or real people, but not cartoon people.

I like stupid movies like Airplane, Young Frankenstein, Joe Dirt, and Christmas Vacation. Yesterday I watched Napoleon Dynamite which was promised to rank right up there with the other classics. Forget it. I got a few snickers here and there. I think it belongs in the cult movie section with Little Shop of Horrors. I was not impressed.

Could you make a piece of Pizza any more caloric than putting some cheese in the crust? Knock it off Pizza Hut. Just make us a great pizza and forget the gimmicks.

Christmas commercials are already running. We have 55 days of commercial buildup and then the big letdown of more winter and cold. I’m not bitching about winter….I promised.

Thank God it only 88 days until my winter vacation in St Croix. I actually started putting my favorite stuff in a paper bag for the trip yesterday. I packed my three favorite tee shirts and two favorite swim trunks along with some shorts. I certainly will not need them for the next while.

Last night I grilled tuna, salmon, shrimp and scallops. Gigi made a great salad and semi-mashed new potatoes. It was awesome and we have enough leftovers for tonight. I can't wait to do it again because I love leftovers (Logzilla).

I put on a pair of jeans yesterday. It was the first time I have worn jeans since early April when we had a hard freeze. Darn they felt heavy compared to shorts. I find that I wear jeans less and less the older I get. I guess it is part of the aging process. Eventually they will just shrivel up in the closet I guess.


Anonymous said...

I rarely eat salmon because it is hard (in my opinion) to find someone who cooks it well. We ate some of your leftover Macaroni Grill salmon Saturday night. WOW. If it was that good leftover, I cannot imagine what it tasted like at the restaurant.

I love Pacific Wahoo.

Do you ever eat at Bonefish?

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opposite opinion on the pizza. Just give me the crust and cheese and skip everything else. I saw a comercial yesterday for something called a Crispy-Melty Pizza (something like that) with a thin crust, cheese, another thin crust, then the rest of the toppings. YUM!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Terri, you can afford it. You are thin as a rail. I can't end up wide as I am tall.