Slick, Wet, and Sticky Leaves

We are in the finale of leaf dropping here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Normally we are quite done with leaves by now but our severe drought has caused the leaves to hang onto the trees longer than usual.

It rained yesterday so it is that many leaves fell and they are all wet or slick depending on how you encounter them.

I had leaves on the windshield and hood of my truck that clung on safely all the way to work. They stayed glued on for 18 miles while I drove speeds in excess of 55 MPH. If they stay on the paint the leaves will release tannins and tannic acid which will etch a leaf print on the hood.

If several of these leaves are stacked on each other they become slick and you will loose traction on foot or in a car.

Worse yet, it is darn near impossible to blow wet leaves.

So, I will rent the giant blower again sometime in the next week and spend 8 hours doing what I did last week all over again.

Goodbye fall and hello winter.


Anonymous said...

Now is probably not the time to tell you it was 82 here and sunny yesterday and we don't get leaves on the ground :)